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Why squat?

Skye Hansen How to do squats

Why squat?

Squats, whether using a barbell or dumbbells have always been a gym favorite and their is no denying that they work wonders for the entire body and of course its one of the best exercises for building flute strength. A squat requires all muscles in body to work as it is truly a full body exercise. The back, core and the entire lower body must work together to make sure you can get out of your squat and back up to standing. Below are a few reasons why squats are essential to your workout routine aside from the insane total body burn you feel just after completing a set!

1. Hormones!
The largest concentration of testosterone in the body is located in the Quadriceps (the largest muscle in the body). When you squat, these hormones (testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH)) are released from the working muscles into the blood steam and help stimulate muscle growth.

2. Stop doing crunches, start squatting
Squats require the ‘limbo-pelvic hip complex’ to synergistically work together as you move through a squat. The stronger your glutes and back become, the stronger your abdominal muscles become as well. Your core must work to keep your body in an upright position throughout the squat to help keep your spine straight. Compound exercises like the squat are a great way to build core strength without the tedious and often dangerous movement of spinal flexion aka crunches. So remember to engage your core and let it help do some of the work.

3. Feel Better
As mentioned above, squats help to prevent injury when done correctly. Why? When you move through a squat every muscle needed to perform the movement must work together. During a squat, your body must generate equal force from both the left and right side of the body. Squats are great for correcting any imbalances you may have in the lower body. The glutes, hamstrings and quadricep muscles- which are primary stabilizers for everyday movement, are the muscles recruited in a squat. So by adding squats into your daily routine you can actually reduce the chance of injury and help you move about your everyday life with more strength and stability.