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Smarter Recovery for Better Results

Smarter Recovery for Better Results

Hi guys! I always get the question ‘why is recovery so important’? In order to get results, we often focus solely on our training and nutrition, but recovery is an equally important piece of the puzzle. When we exercise, muscle tissue is broken down putting your body into a catabolic state where muscle tissue needs repair, energy needs to replenished and muscles need to be stretched.

Lets start with NUTRITION post workout. During exercise, your body pulls from the glycogen stores (stored energy in the muscle from glucose). Given the type of exercise, intensity and duration your body will use other sources of energy when it has maxed out its glycogen stores. So in order to prevent your body from eating away at its own muscle tissue after your workout, you need to consume protein for muscle repair and carbohydrates for refueling your glycogen stores. Research suggests that you have up to 1 hour to consume protein in order to help build muscle so it doesn’t continue to break it down.

Next… STRETCHING! I can not stress how important stretching is for recovery post workout. During your workout you contract and relax the muscles used and they become tight as you cool down from your workout. It is important to lengthen and roll out any knots that may have been created during your workout to ensure that muscle tissue growth is taking place and to prevent DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness)

REST! I see it time and time again whsere people are serious about reaching their goals but over stress the body by working out too much. Yes, I said it. It is possible that working out actually prevents the body from making performance our strength gains. Rest and recovery go hand in hand. It is crucial to take days off so that your body can adjust to the imposed amount of stress that it has undergone in the gym. Think of it as your bodies way of catching up to all the work you have been doing.

That’s not it… Recovery can be done with tools like foam rolling, ice baths, taping, and soft tissue work- all of which I advise you try out. I recently decided to try out an innovative new treatment, °CRYOtherapy as a recovery tool. Cryotherapy is used to stop the inflammation that causes pain and soreness. I went to the °CRYO STAY YOUNG (located inside of LA Fitness at Hollywood & La Brea). Inside the chamber, I was exposed to temperatures reaching -300°F for 3 minutes. Essentially, it was tricking my body into thinking I was freezing, in order to initiate a physiological response to draw the blood from my extremities into my core, while the brain signals to send extra oxygen and nutrients to the blood. After you finish, your body starts pumping the freshly oxygenated blood throughout the rest of your body. It has also shown to provide you tons of energy and elevates your mood, enhances performance, increases circulation, burns 400-800 calories per session, boosts production of anti-aging collagen, reduces fine lines & cellulite, strengthens the immune system, flushes toxins from the body, improves sleep and fights all sorts of damage that inflammation causes internally in our bodies. And so i decided… i’m adding this treatment to my current recovery routine!